Importance of Cabinet Maintenance

September 08 2015

With proper repair, your cabinets will give a lifetime of use as well as satisfaction. Proper care involves thorough cleaning, proper polishing and also careful avoidance of damage to your household cleaners. The beauty of wood is its variations of hue and graining. Since wood is natural in nature, it has inherent variations. The variations include several s natural characteristics due to the tree growing patterns and also the difference in color of the wood and grain due to the variations in conditions of forest growth.

It has been proven scientifically that cabinet repair is able to lower the impact of CO2 on the environment. When compared to cabinet maintenance process, it can take more than a thousand times CO2 so as to make a new cabinet. Opting for an eco-friendly alternative like cabinet repair as opposed to building a new one from the scratch assist in the process of caring for our environment.

Cabinet repair can also allow a home owner to create a completely new style without necessarily having to spend a fortune. If the repair process is done professionally and artistically, your cabinets can acquire an entirely new life and appearance. This will also preserve its value.

Another great benefit of cabinet repair and maintenance is reuse. Everybody know perfectly well that today’s furniture are not built the same way & with similar high quality wood as was done in olden days. It is therefore recommended to regularly repair and maintain your old cabinet unit as opposed to purchasing a new one. Regular repair and maintenance of your old cabinet will also extend its life and you will be able to get additional twenty years out of it.

Regular cleaning with the right materials can help prevent long term damage to your cabinet’s finish. During the process of care and maintenance, it is advisable that you wipe with damp clean piece of cloth and immediately wipe to dry. Use a piece of cloth that is soaked in a solution of mild dish washing liquid and water. This helps to get rid of grease, daily spills, oil as well as food residue. It’s not advisable to use your dishcloth in cleaning your cabinet. This is because your dishcloth may contain traces of greases and detergents that may have a harmful effect on your cabinet finish. Do not use cleaners with the following ingredients: citrus products, ammonia, bleach, organic solvents, mineral oil, strong soaps, harsh detergents, self-polishing waxes or abrasive cleaners. The use of paste wax during maintenance is not recommended because of the “yellowing” and the “build-up” effects after some time. However, use of high quality cream for cabinet polish is highly recommended.

Apart from the above benefits, having your cabinet regularly repaired and maintained can save you money and time. It will minimize injuries to the cabinet users and also have your cabinet functioning properly. The safety of your property will also be guaranteed. These are among the most important benefits of having your cabinet repaired and maintained regularly. Note that it’s always a good idea to ask for help from professionals than to do the repairs on your own.